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Recently in the media
A Moody Fellow at Tin House, Publishers Weekly, American Microreviews and 3G1B
Tin House's Open Bar hosts a special extended excerpt. At American Microreviews, Zach VandeZande writes that A Moody Fellow "calls to mind the best of Vonnegut." At 3 Guys 1 Book, Benjamin Rybeck calls A Moody Fellow "the funniset book I've read in a long time" and "a love letter to any reader who needs a reminder that fine books can be written about good people trying to be good." PW calls it a "brisk, clever take on the coming-of-age debut novel." And watch for the latest Rain Taxi, where Peter Grandbois raves about Douglas's collection The Era of Not Quite (BOA Editions, 2013). Listen to an audio clip and read more about A Moody Fellow here.
Commercial Fiction at Heavy Feather Review
At Heavy Feather, Nicholas Grider explores "a tremendous book that deftly weds psychological complexity behind a TV spot to the artificially sweet narrative of commercial fiction." And at Necessary Fiction, J.M. Gamble writes: "For Housley, commercials have become the mythic ur-texts, and he takes up the poetic task of their undoing -- their reimagining, the peakings-under-their-skin. He, like Keats, takes these mythic people, these every(wo)men of commercials, and unveils the shaking palsies that they always already were." Wow. At Largehearted Boy, Dave compiles a playlist for his collection. Watch the ads, with excerpts, here.
Ravi Mangla at The Collagist
The Collagist features Ravi's story "Face." Edward J. Rathke interviews Ravi Mangla at Monkeybicycle, and at Fanzine, Ravi and Mel Bosworth talk shop. Brad Listi hosts a chat at Other People. The Nervous Breakdown hosts an excerpt and a self-interview. At 3 Guys, 1 Book, Jason Rice offers a great review, and at 3AM, Michael Jauchen calls the book "a deadpan, sharply-observed novel" that tunes into "a contemporary world fixated on simulation and celebrity." At largehearted boy, Ravi shares his playlist for the book. (Stream it on Spotify here.) Also: Word Riot and Vol. 1 Brooklyn present excerpts. And Ravi self-interviews at The Collagist, which hosts an excerpt as well. Watch for more reviews here.
. The Autobiography of Daniel J. Isengart
at The Brooklyn Rail
and Filip N. at The New School

"In whatever medium he works, one senses Noterdaeme's joy in appropriation, a joy which undoubtedly helps to connect and to sustain the artists around him." That's from David Copenhafer's The Brooklyn Rail review and excellent close reading of The Autobiography of Daniel J. Isengart. The New School's Research Radio hosts a recent interview with Filip, too. Reviews - and Penny Arcade's Foreword - are posted here.
. Colin Fleming at The Boston Globe
Colin looks at a new history of the Red Sox. Other recent review work: Beethoven's 8th at The Atlatnic, Olympic hockey at Sports Illustrated, "John Singer Sargent Watercolors" at Boston's MFA in The New Criterion, "The Little Demon" by Fyodor Sologub at The Boston Globe, mono recordings by Miles Davis at Jazz Times, and the piano work of Earl Hines at The Weekly Standard. Read reviews of Colin's Dark March right here.
Eric Barnes at North American Review
Eric explains his approach to his story "One Day, One Week, An Hour." Pierre Kimsey interviews Eric at Memphis public TV, posted online here. And at GoodReads, Something Pretty, Something Beautiful hit a big milestone recently: over 1,000 readers have added the novel to their to-read list. Afer a busy summer reading schedule, Eric sat down with at WYPL's Book Talk chatted with Eric Barnes. More reviews are online here, including Emily St. John Mandel's at The Millions

Tom Molanphy at Longreads
"There are all kinds of awful things I could consider. Hand-me-downs don't seem like the worst option. . ." Read the final essay in Tom's collection Loud Memories of a Quiet Life at Longreads. And at We Wanted To Be Writers, Tom reveals what books and other paraphenalia he keeps on his bedstand.
"Hard knocks have never been so entertaining."
National Treasures at The Rumpus

At The Rumpus, Malcolm Forbes reviews Charles McLeod's collection: "we accompany the lost and the jilted, the misfits and the victims, and revel in pitch-black humor and fiendishly inventive prose. Hard knocks have never been so entertaining." And at David Abrams's ongoing series, Charles remembers his first appearance in print. David has also put National Treasures on his 2013 best-of so-far list. Earlier this year, Matt Roberts at Fanzine gave the collection an excellent and thoughtful rave, too.
. "I Killed It, You Cook It"
Daniel Mueller at Santa Fe Writers Project

Dan's Nights I Dreamed of Hubert Humphrey earned a runner-up spot at the Santa Fe Writers Project 2013 awards, where they featured one of the collection's stories recently. A full list of the collection's reviews is here, including Weston Cutter's at Corduroy Books and Michael Jauchen's at The Rumpus.
"Keeper of the Flame"
Matthew Vollmer in Best American Essays 2013

Recently released: The Best American Essays 2013, which includes "Keeper of the Flame" by Matthew Vollmer, originally in the NER. Matthew's inscriptions has earned praise far and wide. A full list is here, including Matthew Daddona at The Brooklyn Rail

Upcoming & recent author events

Apr 2 New York, NY The Center for Fiction, Epiphany magazine contributor event, Douglas Watson, A Moody Fellow Finds Love And Then Dies

Apr 3 Hadley, MA Flying Object, Feliz Lucia Molina and Ben Segal, The Wes Letters

Apr 6 Brooklyn, NY, Berl's Brooklyn Poetry Shop, Feliz Lucia Molina and Ben Segal, The Wes Letters, with Feliz Lucia Molina's Undercastle

Apr 7 New York, NY, The Center for Fiction, with Lookout Books and Astoria to Zion: An Ecotone Anthology, Douglas Watson, A Moody Fellow Finds Love And Then Dies

Apr 10 Brooklyn, NY, WORD Brooklyn, book launch event, Douglas Watson, A Moody Fellow Finds Love And Then Dies

Apr 11 Philadelphia, PA, TireFire Readings, Douglas Watson, A Moody Fellow Finds Love And Then Dies

Apr 24 Brooklyn, NY The Loaded Canon at Brooklyn Oenology, new work by Douglas Watson, A Moody Fellow Finds Love And Then Dies

Apr 27 Encino, CA, Maria's Italian Kitchen, Douglas Watson, A Moody Fellow Finds Love And Then Dies

Apr 29Pacific Grove, CA, Bookworks, Douglas Watson, A Moody Fellow Finds Love And Then Dies

Apr 30 San Francisco, CA, Book Passage, San Francisco Ferry Building, Douglas Watson, A Moody Fellow Finds Love And Then Dies

May 1 Portland, OR, Powell's, Douglas Watson, A Moody Fellow Finds Love And Then Dies

May 3 Seattle, Elliott Bay Book Co., Douglas Watson, A Moody Fellow Finds Love And Then Dies

Jun 11 New York, Housing Works, Filip Noterdaeme, The Autobiography of Daniel J. Isengart

Jun 27 Minneapolis, MN, Magers & Quinn Booksellers, Daniel Mueller, Nights I Dreamed of Hubert Humphrey

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"the poet laureate of pop culture" - Matt Bell on Dave Housley

"funny, moving, perceptive, artful" - Joanna Scott on Ravi Mangla's Understudies

"some kind of mad artistic genius" - Paul Harding on Daniel Mueller

"one of the truly exciting and significant writers of his generation" - Richard Burgin on Colin Fleming

"the most harrowing portrait of American boys careening into boyhood that I've ever read" - Benjamin Whitmer on Something Pretty, Something Beautiful

"It's hard to imagine anything more charming" - Andrew Solomon on The Autobiography of Daniel J. Isengart

"the best kind of book -- a book that I could step into and out of quickly, a book with no space wasted and a book which made me wish that I had written it." - Joe Hessert, ARDOR, on inscriptions for headstones

". . .steeped in the tar and nicotine of Raymond Carver, and bathed in the crackerjack wisdom of Flannery O'Connor. . . Let's just say I spent the entire book hypnotized by McLeod's wordcraft" - David Abrams on Charles McLeod

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