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A moving, often funny look at depression, a recalibration of novels-versus-life, and the story of a man passing through three family turning points - a graduation, a wedding and a funeral. David R. Slavitt's ASPECTS OF THE NOVEL engages on every level, from its crafty wordplay to its intricate exploration of family dynamics.

Originally published by Catbird Press in 2003, Outpost19 is honored to produce this first digital edition.


ASPECTS OF THE NOVEL is a complete experience, at once laughing-out-loud funny and breath-catching, heart-breakingly sad. It is nakedly honest and yet a virtuoso demonstration of the use of costumes and masks. It explodes the idea of th novel while defining and celebrating it. For pleasure and, yes, for instruction, there is nothing else like it.

ASPECTS OF THE NOVEL is strangely wonderful, full of tenderness and inventiveness. It reflects on, and itself reflects, the uneasy relations between Life and Art. I admire it immensely.

David Slavitt's APSECTS OF THE NOVEL is a new kind of narrative for the new century. Slavitt adroitly blends the comic monologue, the essay, and the conventional story line into an innovative form. It is written in Slavitt's inimitable style that makes all his work a delight.

David R. Slavitt is a poet, translator, novelist, critic and journalist. He is the author of more than one hundred works of fiction, poetry and drama and poetry in translation. Read more...

Outpost19 is proud to publish several major works by Slavitt, including digitial editions of his classic novels, ALICE AT 80 and LIVES OF THE SAINTS, and a new novel, OVERTURE.

Other recent and upcoming work by Slavitt include a novel, THE DUKE'S MAN (Northwestern, 2011) and a new translation of MAHABHARATA (Northwestern, 2013).

Aspects of the Novel: A Novel,
by David R. Slavitt
189 pages

$9.99 ebook ISBN 9781937402358

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The Herring Poems
an amuse gueule
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The Missing Cantos &
Stanzas of Ariosto's
Orlando Furioso
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600 pages
18.95 paperback
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Lives of the Saints
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