In California there is sun all the time and it's never cold. . .

The California Prose Directory presents short fiction and non-fiction about life in the Golden State.

This year's edition, our second, features 30 authors compiled and edited by J. Ryan Stradal.

Sarah LaBrie, Associate Editor

Lindsay Merbaum, Editorial Assistant

Contributors include:

Aimee Bender
Amy Boutell
Sarah Shun-lien Bynum
Sean Carswell
Cherry Chevapravatdumrong
Michelle Chihara
Carribean Fragoza
Ann Friedman
Rico Gagliano
Jim Gavin
Dana Goodyear
Amelia Gray
Benj Hewitt
Vanessa Hua
Dana Johnson
Eyad Karkoutly
Rachel Khong
Lou Mathews
Neil Mathison
Kate Milliken
Joshua Mohr
Wendy C. Ortiz
Rob Roberge
Zoe Ruiz
Jim Ruland
Jerry Stahl
David L. Ulin
Deborah Vankin
Siamak Vossoughi
Colin Winnette

The California Prose Directory is an annual anthology originally conceived and edited by Charles McLeod. The inaugural edition is avaiilable here.

California Prose Directory 2016, edited by Sarah LaBrie, is coming soon. For details, click here.

In 1977, the San Joaquin Valley was designated a disaster area. . .

Today's paleo eats: nothing for breakfast, nothing for lunch, nothing for dinner. . .

Ellen always wore her makeup slightly too bright, too happy and positive in color and emphasis, so that all it seemed to emphasize was how deeply she hated herself. . .

This was when things were better than they had been, but still bad enough. This was in Calabasas, in the five-room bungalow. . .

Selena Gomez is named after a pop star. . .

You will see a lady or gentleman perched behind a cookie sheet set over a propane burner. There will be, atop the cookie sheet and to one side, a heap of sliced onions and bell peppers cooked to perfect limpness and sweetness. . .

Hailing a cab with a bleeding six foot tall woman under your arm wasn't easy. . .

We live inside a deep vat of celebrity worship, Hollywood our own vexed Olympus. . .

"I'm at the corner of Columbus and Columbus. . ."

Let us not forget Russell Brand. . .

Harold prattled nonstop as we turned onto Fifth and Main, where the tents looked more ragged and improvised then the ready-mades in Occupy LA. . .

There is a church I like on Cochran Avenue. Little street corner church, adobe-style, like a mission in some minor key. . .

We have the highest concentrations in America of two things: traffic, and street people wracked with delusion. . .

Betti doesn't know that I liked her back when she was an underground queen of New York. . .

This establishment is The Way, or part of the way, on this unassuming stretch of Pico Boulevard. . .

Boss Li was what people called him at the electronics factory in Shenzhen, and what I called him in private, too. . .

In California the trees know things about the world human beings could never even dream.

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New Writing From the Golden State
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