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Now accepting submissions for 2014

Joe Aguilar
Andrew Foster Altschul
Will Boast
Teri Carter
Jasmin Darznik
Stephen Elliott
Ernest Finney
Josephine Fitzpatrick
Jane Hammons
Vanessa Hua
Tara Ison
Ben Jahn
Courtney Amber Kilian
Sarah LaBrie
Dinah Lenney
Kara Levy
Brandon Lingle
Lisa Locascio
Mira Martin-Parker
Mike McAllister
Donnelle McGee
Anthony J. Mohr
Tom Molanphy
Angela Morales
Erica Olsen
David Page
Sarah Pape
Anthony Seidman
Patty Somlo
Scott T. Starbuck
J. Ryan Stradal
Stephen Tollefson
Cameron Walker
Cathy Warner
Emily Meg Weinstein
Rose Whitmore

California Prose Directory:
New Writing from The Golden State
Charles McLeod, editor

351 pages
$18.95 paperback
ISBN 9781937402549


Now accepting
submissions for 2014

California Prose Directory 2014:
New Writing from The Golden State
J. Ryan Stradal, editor

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