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An island who becomes ambulatory and has adventures upon the land. A frigate captain with a singularly artistic method of punishment. Gulls who are players. Crabs who crack wise. A garage encrusted in blue crystals that harbors a secret. Rival haunted forests fighting for top billing. And a man who navigates that dream world known to anyone who has had a life pulled out from under them and a heart replaced with a question that has a beat of its own:
What the hell is happening to me?
What the hell is happening to me?
What the hell is happening to me?

Dark March may be happening to you. And probably some other things, too.

"Colin Fleming is one of the truly exciting and significant writers of his generation." - Richard Burgin, editor of Boulevard

Colin Fleming writes for The Atlantic, The New Yorker, Rolling Stone, and ESPN The Magazine. Read more at colinfleminglit.com.

Recent reviews:

". . .With Fleming's adept storytelling, he is able to use the concept of motion as a source of communicating the friction between existential freedom and restriction. Whether it be through the ambulation of islands or regional birds evading their territories, Fleming illustrates the internal struggle of rationality and actuality by using movement as both a propelling and disabling force within the self. Maneuvering in places simultaneously most close to and remote from reality, Fleming's boundless imagination creates for readers the landscapes of our own existential hauntings."
- Leigh Jajuga at Ampersand Review

"Colin Fleming's collection is pithy and witty, and manages to walk an interesting line between absurd existentialism, surrealist fantasy, and magical realism. . .We can certainly see different influences woven into the construction of each of the stories in Dark March -- absurdist clipped dialog, magical characters that live past death, and surrealist non-sequitors that still provide a plot. In short, we see Fleming borrow particular elements from a myriad of genres and combine them into something uniquely his own."
- Lydia Pyne at New Pages

"Sometimes dreamlike, sometimes employing the language and rhythms of myth and fairytales, Dark March's worlds seek to replicate the delirium, magic, and logic of an impatient, tired mind. These eighteen loosely connected stories are entirely present in that hazy state, and they mine it in celebration of the fantastic and the strange."
- Justin Thurman at The Collagist

". . .tales of talking birds, sea animals, and in one rather anomalous story, a voice, who follow and rebel against routine, observe the humans they inhabit or feed or eat, and debate the nature of life. . ."
- The Boston Globe

"The stories in Colin Fleming's Dark March are most clearly connected by two major themes, water and loss. Smaller groups of stories, dispersed throughout the collection, are connected by recurring human and non-human characters: a naval captain of the British Empire, a combat veteran returned home, the voice (and only the voice) of a drunkard, rival forests, seagulls, and rock crabs. Everything is granted at least the potential of consciousness. . ."
- Green Mountains Review

Dark March:
Stories for When the Rest of the World is Asleep
by Colin Fleming
162 pages
$16.00 paperback ISBN 9781937402563
$9.99 ebook ISBN 9781937402570

Author events:
September 18 - Brookline, MA, Brookline Booksmith
October 9 - Cambridge, MA, Harvard Book Store

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