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Tetman Callis's High Street is a portrait of American high life, the story of a single parent getting by on desk jobs and a steady diet of weed.

Callis also happens to live on the wrong side of Albuquerque, a flash-point in a low-flying drug war, with regular break-ins and casual gunfire. It's not an easy place to live. Or to bring up a kid. And government helicopters never seem to help things.

Between visits from his son, his ex and the occasional girlfriend, Callis joins the decriminalization movement. He experiments with Hemp TV. He reflects on pistachios and military histories. Finally, his itinerant legal work delivers an up-close view of prison life and a court system that serves no one well.

Part memoir, part meditation on American drug culture, High Street celebrates the ups and downs, the traps and the pleasures of a longtime romance with Mary Jane.

Tetman Callis still lives in Albuquerque, where he's been known to take photographs, paint paintings and create post-modernist mixed media collages. High Street is his first published book.

"-- it's hard to be a person. Fucking hard! This is no secret. We all find ways of coping. For any one way of coping to be outlawed is part of the human comedy"
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High Street
by Tetman Callis
254 pages
ebook only

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