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Love in the Time of Foreclosure
by Stephanie Alison Walker

190 pages
ebook only

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Stephanie Alison Walker's LOVE IN THE TIME OF FORECLOSURE is a first-person account from someone who's made it to the other side.

A frontline story of the foreclosure process, including the costs no one talks about - the gut-wrenched anxieties, a stress-tested marriage, and family and friends with endless support.

Walker shares her experience so others know what to expect - from lenders, from brokers, from the folks across the street.

With charm and perserverence, Walker details the daily struggle. And after hearing from others facing the same trouble, she's committed to fighting the stigma of foreclosure and financial hardship.

"The biggest triumph for me is really getting that we don't need money and stuff to make us happy. We just need each other and a good dose of perspective."

Walker believes she's better off because of it. And her positive attitude, even as she loses everything, is a lesson for everyone in times like these.

From their first foreclosure notice to the day they move out, Walker and her husband leave no stone unturned, despite Kafka-esque lenders, last-ditch calls to the governor and awkward looks across the office.

Recessionwire co-founder Sara Clemence is a believer:

"Stephanie Walker writes about tough experiences with honesty, humor and a good dose of optimism. Her story is a window on a downturn that's affected millions of Americans - for worse, but also sometimes for better. There are life lessons in here for all of us."

The book is adapted from Walker's popular blog - with new stories and insights she was unable to share and make public at the time.

Walker is also a playwright with several produced works, including THE CAR PLAYS at Moving Arts/Radar in Los Angeles earlier this year. Her play, AMERICAN HOME, a recounting of the impact of foreclosures on America, was recently named winner of Chicago's American Blues Theater's Blue Ink Award for Playwriting.

She currently lives in Chicago, with her husband and their son.

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