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David R. Slavitt translates the missing cantos & stanzas of Ariosto's Orlando Furioso -- wild, rich stories of love and valor that have influenced writers since the early Renaissance, from Spenser and Shakespeare to Borges and Calvino.

Compiled as a companion to the Harvard University Press edition of -- also translated by Slavitt -- Lacunae picks up where the other leaves off, revealing the many adventures and quests the other left out.

Enchanted knights, transgendered princesses, and Ariosto's essential and timeless wit . . .

Lacunae is the completion of a translation of a major work of Renaissance literature, in a lively and thoroughly engaging performance.

Praise for David R. Slavitt:

"[Slavitt's] translation is witty, playful, outrageous, yet serious and sombre too. Crucially it is effortlessly readable."
Doireann Lalor, Times Literary Supplement

"Slavitt's easy-going, colloquial approach possesses a lightness and brio, a sweet playfulness (touched with irony) that carries the reader effortlessly, happily along. . ."
Michael Dirda, Washington Post

David R. Slavitt is a poet, translator, novelist, critic and journalist. He is the author of more than one hundred works of fiction, poetry and drama and poetry in translation. Read more...

Outpost19 is proud to publish several major works by Slavitt, including digitial editions of his classic novels, ALICE AT 80 and LIVES OF THE SAINTS, and a new novel, OVERTURE.

Other recent and upcoming work by Slavitt include a novel, THE DUKE'S MAN (Northwestern, 2011) and a new translation of MAHABHARATA (Northwestern, 2013).

The Missing Cantos & Stanzas
of Ariosto's Orlando Furioso.
A new verse translation
by David R. Slavitt
600 pages

$18.95 paperback ISBN 9781937402259
Ask for it at your local bookstore.

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