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"In McLeod's world. . . we accompany the lost and the jilted, the misfits and the victims,
and revel in pitch-black humor and fiendishly inventive prose.
Hard knocks have never been so entertaining." - Malcolm Forbes, The Rumpus

"steeped in the tar and nicotine of Raymond Carver, and bathed in the crackerjack wisdom of Flannery O'Connor. . .
Let's just say I spent the entire book hypnotized by McLeod's wordcraft"
- David Abrams, Fobbit and The Quivering Pen

"a rather 'honest' attempt to take the pulse of a population and a diverse natural environment
that has endured the effects of suburban sprawl, nuclear weapons testing, altered atmospheric shifting,
climate change, the drug war, inequality of all shapes and sizes, and the secularization of marriage. . .
one of those rare achievements when literature bears witness to
that which would otherwise remain unacknowledged" - Fanzine

"McLeod captures the mood of a society which has long since
been abandoned by the American Dream, if it dreams at all.
It is genuinely hard to appreciate that this is
Charles McLeod's first collection of short stories.
He writes like a well worn pro." - Bookmunch

National Treasures, stories
by Charles McLeod
234 pages
$16.00 paperback ISBN 9781937402419
$9.99 ebook ISBN 9781937402426

Now at local bookstores
and online booksellers.

also by Charles McLeod:

American Weather, a novel
by Charles McLeod
321 pages
$16.00 paperback ISBN 9781937402419
$9.99 ebook ISBN 9781937402426

Charles McLeod

Charles McLeod's fiction has appeared in publications including Alaska Quarterly Review, Conjunctions, DOSSIER, Five Chapters, The Pushcart Prize: Best of the Small Presses, the Norton anthology FAKES, and on Salon. A Hoyns Fellow at the University of Virginia, he has received fellowships from the Fine Arts Work Center in Provincetown and San Jose State University, where he was a Steinbeck Fellow.

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