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With the Frenchmen in his head and his diagnosis hovering, the writer grapples with the proper response to mortality, considering dogs as a metaphor for wandering souls, the scratch of a pen and its connection to eczema and the contrast between his mother's murder and his own uncertain future.

As Slavitt writes, "The mind is not where the real business of our lives is transacted, but somewhere else, in the recesses of the body."

David R. Slavitt is a poet, translator, novelist, critic and journalist. He is the author of more than one hundred works of fiction, poetry and drama and poetry in translation. Read more...
Outpost19 is proud to publish five major works by Slavitt, including digitial editions of his classic novels, ALICE AT 80 and LIVES OF THE SAINTS.

We're also delighted to release two translations by Slavitt, LACUNAE: THE MISSING CANTOS & STANZAS OF ARIOSTO'S ORLANDO FURIOSO and THE DHAMMAPADA (both also available soon).

Other recent and upcoming work by Slavitt include a novel, THE DUKE'S MAN (Northwestern, 2011), a new translation of MAHABHARATA (Northwestern, 2013) and the Harvard University Press edition of Ariosto's ORLANDO FURIOSO (2009).

Overture, a novel
by David R. Slavitt

219 pages
$16.00 print ISBN 9781937402228
$9.99 ebook ISBN 9781937402211

Now at local bookstores
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The Missing Cantos & Stanzas of Ariosto's Orlando Furioso.
A new verse translation
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$18.95 paperback

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