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A young woman, compartmentalized by a married man, assumes the role of the object. She tells her sexual history in judgment-free fragments, stories of casual violence committed in the name of desire.

Joel Kopplin's short novel explores the difficulties of personal intimacy, the impossibility of knowing a self in relation to others.

SPACES is singularly disturbing - and yet widely resonant. A close-up view of a young woman manipulated and maneuvered through physical space.

Joel Kopplin's work has appeared in or is forthcoming from HOUSEFIRE, Metazen, Red Lightbulbs, Apt and Nap. He teaches composition and lives in La Crosse, Wisconsin.

Praise for Spaces:

"Spaces does what great art is supposed to do: it challenges us with daring, disturbing, compelling, and intimate views of vulnerable people negotiating for the tiniest spot of safe ground in a world occupied by fear and depravity. Joel Kopplin has authored such a work of art - with the refined powers of his cinematic senses, he turns readers into voyeurs, dropping us into the tightly-defined negative spaces of claustrophobic and strangely-lit scenes alive with ambient sound and silent (desperate) yearning. And always, there is a soft and troubled heartbeat making its persistent plea from between the lines of these beautiful and haunting sentences."

- Matt Cashion, How The Sun Shines On Noise

Trailer courtesy Jason Schueppert (sparklepicnic)

by Joel Kopplin
75 pages
$2.99 ebook ISBN 9781937402334

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