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Jeff Ferzoco's THE YOU-CITY is the kind of tour through the digitally enhanced city of the future you would get if Siri had a soul, a brain, a sense of humor, a questing nature, and the ability to make friends. Ferzoco is that rarest of technology introducers - someone who remembers that the gadgets that do the most for us are the ones that make us more human, extending our awareness and revealing new dimensions of reality. This is a fascinating, needed, clearly written, hopeful, and warm-hearted book.

- TONY HISS, author of In Motion: The Experience of Travel and The Experience of Place

With his ability to embrace and imagine technological change amid our everyday lives, Jeff Ferzoco in THE YOU-CITY is bringing the city to us, and us to the city. He's not only explaining the city of the future, he's creating it. Anyone who is trying to situate themselves fully in the world should read this book.

- ALEX MARSHALL, author of How Cities Work

The You-City:
Technology, Experience
& Life on the Ground
by Jeff Ferzoco
101 pages
$4.99 ebook ISBN 9781937402198
$10.00 print ISBN 9781937402290

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