Let's find out if your story works the way you think it works. We can look at the big picture—the general framework, how it’s organized, and its place on the shelves. Or we can dig deep with line-by-line analyses, pinpointing critical passages and exploring alternatives. It’s a critical-minded perspective on how your story is told, answering your questions, aligned with the insight you’re looking for.


From original cover designs to smart jacket copy to targeted promotional campaigns, we can package your work artfully and strategically, in print or online. Choose the help you need. We're here to ensure words and images work together in effective and profound ways.

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The Art of Gay Cooking

Daniel Isengart

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  • We're the creative force behind Outpost19, an award-winning publishing house based in San Francisco. As a full-service agency, Widehouse | creative extends our editing and marketing services to authors and books not published by Outpost19.

  • Our practice is based on a keen knowlege of current trends and project-by-project sensitivities. We approach every book in a no-agenda way, with categories and market contexts informing each step.

  • Widehouse principal Jon Roemer combines seven years of book editing and marketing with twenty years of developing creative projects for major brands.

  • We're here as you need us, from editing to marketing to project consultations. Get in touch, and we'll talk about what works best for you.

  • Let's get started!

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Jon Roemer


Jon Roemer is an editor and author based in San Francisco. He is the founder and senior editor of Outpost19 Books and has developed creative projects for major brands, startups and nonprofits.

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