Reviews for Good in a Crisis

“. . .A truly moving memoir from a real person who has lived a real life.

Overton writes [a] funny, touching memoir Good in a Crisis, published in paperback earlier this year, [which] feels honest and authentic.

Overton's experiences are at once unique and universal, and this is exactly what makes Good in a Crisis work so well.

It is perfectly balanced—introspective without being self–indulgent, inspiring without being condescending.

Overton's book should be required reading for anyone stumbling through middle life, if not to better understand themselves, then to acquire perspective on the real–world struggles of those around them." — The Chicago Book Review

“I finished this book wishing I could ring Margaret Overton and beg her to be my friend. She'd be ideal – funny, knocked about by life and (crucial, this) never pretending to be perfect. She even lives in Chicago, a city I love. Surely it's meant to be? . . . It'll make you laugh. Honest.” — The Irish Times

“[A] grimly hilarious journey. . . brutally funny reading about midlife coming-of-age.” — Kirkus Reviews

“. . .an unexpectedly funny handbook for anyone faced with starting again in middle age.” — The Daily Mail (UK)

EDITORS' PICK — The Guardian (UK)

GREAT MEMOIR ALERT: Who knew that a bitter divorce, midlife dating and an aneurysm could be this entertaining? — Ladies Home Journal

“Tragedy isn't usually funny. . . yet, somehow, this book is.” — Chicago Tribune